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Mothership – Steve Jobs UFO-Campus (English Version)

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As I see these pictures I’d just like to work for Apple…

Except for the mysterious iTV Steve Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson something about the new Apple Campus.

Shortly, he said, that he wanted to build something, that lasts longer than him and that was, what he did with Apple Inc.
But he also meant that a company like Apple needed an image, so he created the new campus and called it ‚his legacy‘.

Strictly speaking he assigned the british architect Sir Norman Foster.


      He’s the one, who created thing like these:


His first drawing looked like a man’s genitals, so Jobs changed it until it was a perfect circle.

But not anyone, a one out of massive glass. Jobs used to be fascinated by the precision of glass and combinated it with his drive to controlling everything:

He didn’t want his employees to be able to open the windows or to destroy anything.

The courtyard should have an aperture of 245m, enough to place three soccer fields inside. On the whole complex of 61 hectars 6000 trees should be planted, especially some of them McIntosh Apples…

To complete the environment protection, the whole roof consists of solar panels, that create environmental friendly electricity for Cupertino.

The dias shown above have been shown first after the presentation of iCloud and iOS 5 on the WWDC 2011.

He described it „as a spaceship“ and called it „The best office on earth“

Is he right or is this just a dream? – Let me hear in the comments section below!


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